Calvin's HOW BRAINS THINK (Science Masters series)

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Mon Jun 3 07:11:40 EST 1996

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   "William H. Calvin" <WCalvin at> wrote:
>Books take forever to finally appear in the bookstores, 
>what with all the delays endemic to the writing
>and publishing process.  Then it takes another two years 
>for reviews to appear in the academic journals.
>    I'm going to have two books appear in September ‘96 
>(don't ask me how the two different publishers got
>synchronized), but you can read them sooner via some 
>web pages that I've posted.
>The first is my book in the popular Science Masters series,
>        Evolving Intelligence, Then and Now.
>It's from BasicBooks (aka HarperCollins) and there will be 
>12 foreign editions.  It's the book spawned
>from my October 1994 Scientific American article, 
>"The emergence of intelligence."  The chapter titles
>are What to Do Next, Evolving a Good Guess, The Janitor's 
>Dream, Evolving Intelligent Animals, Syntax as
>a Foundation of Intelligence, Evolution On-The-Fly, 
>Shaping Up an Intelligent Act from Humble Origins,
>and Prospects for a Superhuman Intelligence.   
>The book's web page is at
>and has links to a few chapters and all the endnotes.  
Dear Calvin,
Take a look at my draft version of "From Dream to Consciousness" in this group.I 
discuss the future of intelligence.

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