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Vitor Colaco fermanag at student
Mon Jun 3 03:39:57 EST 1996

Vitor Colaco (fermanag at student) wrote:

  I'm a 2nd year Phisics student making a work about pain, it's 
 physical mechanisms and methods of control.
  However I'm having some problem about getting some articles or books for 
 supporting my work.
  I would appreciate if someone could direct me to some material that I 
 could use or even help me in the construction of it...

  The structure is something like this:

  - Introduction

  - Mechanisms of pain; Physical alterations created by pain.

  - Body reaction to pain.

  - The control of pain: Anesthesics

  - Other forms of control: Meditation; Uncouncious modifiers.

  - Pain stimulators, chemical or psycological
  - Sensorial overload as a pain trigger

  - Conclusion


 Vitor C.

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