N] Obs> SB 1028 "tucked in" under HR 3103 - find it also via Thomas

JMRoraback at aol.com JMRoraback at aol.com
Tue Jun 4 02:26:10 EST 1996

Info from a subscriber to another list to which I also sent the posting
regarding SB 1028.  Please note that you can also access the House version of
this bill (HR 3103) via the Thomas Web site.  -   JMR

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Subj:	S. 1028 Health care bill
Date:	96-06-03 19:16:21 EDT
From:	Danmelnick at aol.com
To:	JMRoraback

I read the material you posted on EVALTEN with some interest.  When I checked
Thomas on the WWW, I found that it is complicated to find the provisions.
 Because of a pecularity in Congressional procedure, the bill as passed by
the Senate is not found among the senate bills, but it can be found under the
house bill.  HR3103 is the companion bill.  If you look it up there, you will
find that one of the versions of the complete text is the "Senate engrossed
bill." Title V of that version has the provisions discussed in the Wall
Street Journal.  I am an experienced user of the bill system but it took me a
while to find the provisions so I thought I would pass this on.  By the way,
this provision was available to the Senate prior to its becoming an
amendment. S 1088 is a free standing bill that has most if not all of the
provisions discussed in the article you cited.    

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