Cannabinoids Receptors Are Involved in Schizophrenia

James Howard phiskers at
Wed Jun 5 12:09:58 EST 1996

I have developed a theory of schizophrenia based on reduced production of 
the hormone, DHEA.  You may read it at on 
the web.  (I do not sell any product or service, nor am I attached, in 
any manner or form, to anybody who does.)
I have long thought that so-called THC receptors are actually DHEA 
receptors.  I explain the mechanism of sleep based, partly, on this 
assumption.  (You may also read my mechanism of sleep at the same site.) 
Anything that will interfere with access of DHEA to DHEA receptors will 
interfer with the effects of DHEA.  When one smokes marijuanna, one does 
just that.  This is why THC can cause symptoms similar to that of 
schizophrenia.  I suggest LSD exerts its effects by binding more 
tenaciously to these receptors and, in addition, to areas of the brain 
that are very dependent upon DHEA for interpreting reality.  Look up the 
structures; they very well could bind to a receptor designed for DHEA.  I 
invite you to read my explanations.
James Howard

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