Nervous System Evolution

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Dear colleagues, 

                 On the early evolution of the nervous
system, a recent review was accepted on past January
in the Journal of Evolutionary Physiology and Bioche-
mistry,  but I understand it is not still printed at
the date. The title is "Connexion of the ciliary stage
in the phylogeny of neurocognitive physiology with the
industrial problem of developing non-Turing machines",
by M.F. Crocco et al.  A related abstract can be found 
among those of the April '96 Intl.Congress on Evol. Physio- 
logy of the I. M. Sechenov Institute (St.-Petersburg), page
114.  Please note that there the concept of ephapsis is
still understood as usual in our tradition (that is, as
before the discovery of connexons), so it comprises the 
inductive propagation of oscillation patterns among suc-
cessive tracts of the cytoplasmic background fields with
their compartmenting membranes and organels, including 
of course the basal cage complex in the infraciliature. 
It is in this way that it should be understood the con-
tribution made by our school in the sixties, establish-
ing the phyletic precedence of ephapses before synapses,
also discussed in said review.

Looking on our messages (here and in Protista at net, to
be retrieved by the Waismail searching on our nodes:
neubio@; depth: 300), on old mailings it is possible
to find some discussion of this issue; of course, it
is intermingled with other technical subjects.

By the way, I was unable of identifying the book entitled
"Irritability", much recommended today in another answer to
this thread.  Please if any know more of it --perhaps even
with an evaluation--  be so kind to post the notices.

       Prof. Mariela Szirko,
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>jspaffor at (J. David Spafford) writes:
>>(Sean Sweeney) wrote:
>>> eet at (Eric) wrote:
>>>> If anyone knows of any references that discuss the origins of nervous 
>>>> tissue/nervous systems I would be much obliged.  Much of what I have 
>>>> found focuses on the evolution of _mammalian_ nervous systems or some  
>>>> such.  I am interested in the earliest structures.  Thanks ...
>>Invertebrate Relationships:  Patterns in animal evolution.  by Pat Willmer,
>>Cambridge University Press. 1991
>>It is the most comprehensive book that I have found on the subject of
>>nervous system evolution. It brings together structural, chemical,
>>embryological and fossil evidence.  It is a bit old and doesn't provide the
>>latest genetic evidence.

/I should add that is entirely foreign to the works in our South American
tradition on the transition between control of ciliary coordination in pre-
Opalozoan ancestors of choanos, and multicells. Besides the review men-
tioned in the body of the message, look at Electroneurobiology issues for
such a subject.  This comment is an interpolation added by M. Szirko/
>>J. David Spafford, Department of Biological Sciences,
>> University of Alberta, jspaffor at
>***Check out an old book entitled "Irritibility". The author escapes me
>at the moment, but if interested, email me.
>Bill Saidel
>saidel at

/In other message  -I have it not at hand-  another colleague
pointed also to: H.B. Sarnat and M.G. Netsky, "Evol. of the
Nervous System", 2nd. ed., Oxford Univ. Press, 1981.  Sorrily
I ought to repeat the same comment on Willmer treatise, though
the Precambrian evolution of the functions of relation to which
we devoted so great deal of our work here, covers about 1000 mi-
llion years before the less than 650 of the Terminal Proterozoic-
Cambrian-postCambrian ones. This is another interpolation by M.S./
       Prof. Mariela Szirko,
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