human species survival dreams

Marianne C. Danielik mcdanie2 at
Fri Jun 7 11:56:11 EST 1996

In The Dreaming Universe, physicist Alan Wolf speculates on the
possibility that the UFO alien encounters and sightings is a vision for
all of us of a collective dream, "a reminder that we are
like--Shopenhauer's idea--all part of a bigger dream."  He goes on to ask
of we are "witnessing something akin to a 'big dream,' a survival dream of
the human species that manifests in some of us."  My question is twofold:

1.	What do you think about this theory?
2.	Have you had any dreams that you would describe as species
survival warnings?  If so, what were they?

If you happen to remember your dreams of this nature in the future, I
would appreciate your descriptions.

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