A - possibly - unusual case of spinal cord injury

Paolo Amoroso amoroso at mclink.it
Wed Jun 5 15:37:08 EST 1996

[I post the following request on behalf of a friend of mine and
the neurologist who attends her. This probably looks like an
unusual case. I am _not_ a physician. But I seem to understand
that, although the injuries described below usually force the
patient on a wheelchair, this did not - luckily - happen to my

I posted this article to bionet.neuroscience twice in the last
few weeks. But I received no reply at all. So, any help, comment
or opinion will be highly appreciated, particularly references to
other relevant resources on the net - e.g. Web sites, mailing
lists, etc. I will gladly take care of forwarding to my friend
and her physician any message or information posted to this group
or directly sent to me. Thanks,

Paolo Amoroso]

1st Department of Rehabilitative Medicine - Milan, Italy (Head:
Dr. Mario Raineri, MD.)

The patient
Gender: female
Age: 32

Accident dated:
February 11, 1987

She had:
* head contusion
* cervical distortion and contusion
* lumbo-sacral contusion

* headache
* difficulties in spacial perception
* difficulties in musical perception
* dizziness and malaise
* paraesthesia to hands, difficulties in closing the hand to
fist, paraesthesia to trunk, especially to back inferior and
lumbar region
* asthenia, especially to left limbs and hypocinesia
* fatigue when walking, pyrotic sensation and pain in
lumbo-sacral region spreading back to lower limbs, especially on
the left
* areflessic neurological bladder needing bladder voiding by
means of external pression

HEAD ASPECT: cortical area - mild hypo perfusion of right
temporal area; subtentorial area: mild hypo perfusion of right

URODYNAMIC EX.: areflexic bladder

SACRAL EVOKED POTENTIALS: bilaterally absent. Probable lesion of
2nd motoneuron confirming the bladder situation

ELECTROMYOGRAPHY: radicular peripheral neurological sufferance in
lower limbs at L4-L5-S1 with a maximum on the left

NEUROLOGICAL EX.: hypoestesia in left radial area, in left
perineal area, in vulvar region and at the top of left tight,
especially medially. Mild Lasegue on the left.

* Relation between contusions and Herpes Zoster
* Relation between head contusion and difficulties in spacial and
musical perception on the ground of vascular disturbances
exhibited in right brain by ASPECT.

Paolo Amoroso <amoroso at mclink.it>

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