Cannabinoids Receptors Are Involved in Schizophrenia

Howard Olson howard.olson at
Sat Jun 8 07:33:41 EST 1996

      In addition to anandamide (arachidonyl ethanolamide) perhaps the
Eicosapentaenoyl ethanolamide should be tested.
     EPA derivatives of leukotrienes, for instance, have potent positive
effects on the heart. Perhaps the above mentioned EPA analog of
anandamide would be more potent. Methanandamide is already known to be
more potent in vitro with the receptor. BTW the HUMAN anadamide receptor
is available from RBI in an insect vector recombinant form.
PS I am NOT advocating in vivo tests on humans but chimps should be
studied after receptor interactions in vitro are checked.

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