Free L/S brainwave stimulation software for PCs

Andre Ch. Schnoor czesanne at
Mon Jun 10 14:45:04 EST 1996

Mind blowing new features in the latest version of PCM MindWave: (latest version here) (updated soon)

Version 1.0b7

* Sound programming interface
* Automatic binaural beat sound generation
* Automatic binaural frequency blends with 4 harmonic bands (!)
* Improved file picklist
* Improved session programs included

PCM MindWave is now also interesting for people *without* LED goggles. You
can use the sound features and experience really great sessions with the
new binaural harmonic clusters! I have included some alternate tuning lists
for the sound programming of new alternate states of consciousness. You can
play with these frequency lists and find your personal favorite!

PCM MindWave is still free.

Andre "Czesanne" Ch. Schnoor
Composer & Vocalist, Audioland International
czesanne at
czesanne at

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