Amygdala who cares

Phil Nicholls pnich at
Sat Jun 15 07:34:30 EST 1996

In article <4pilbm$69t at>, lkh at says...
> >I doubt Darwin would agree on this point.  The "top rung" of what?  
> >notions of "higher and lower" were not Darwinian.  As I recall, Huxely 
> >addressed this in his presentation to the Royal Academy.  I believe he 
> >slammed Wilburforce (sp) for a similar misrepresentation.
> Of course they are not Darwinian. If you care to digress into a
> discussion of Evolution I would be most agreeable. But that is not
> this thread. Evolution is true. The method assumptions are in many
> parts not. And a person who argues a defense of a theory has no leg to
> stand on but the theory as it is after all just an assumption of
> observable outcomes. The cause of which has no relevance to the
> observation and likewise no relevance to the observer.

I hope I am not the only one whose response to this last paragraph was:


Would you mind rephrasing this?

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