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Mon Jun 10 06:58:09 EST 1996

Marianne C. Danielik wrote:
> In The Dreaming Universe, physicist Alan Wolf speculates on the
> possibility that the UFO alien encounters and sightings is a vision for
> all of us of a collective dream ... What do you think about this theory?

Does this just relate to UFO sightings and alien encounters, or also reports
from other times of angelic and demonic encounters, religious or magical
experiences, or even naive scientific theories? Surely we try to explain our
day-to-day perceptions within a framework that is consistent with general
principles we believe to be true, despite evidence from others' reports that
our perceptions are sometimes flawed.

What does this have to do with a "survival dream"? Do you or Wolf believe
that the future of the species somehow rests in understanding these
so-called portents?

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