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The following question has come up... with regard to of all things
... Psychology!!!!

	In the human ear, the 3-simicircular canals are set at right
angles to each other, with one of them horizontal.  The other two are
vertical and make a 45-degree angle with the coronal and saggital planes.
This is generally true for all "tetrapods".

	Now, fish also have 3-SS/canals.. however, the orientation is
unknown to me.... does anybody know the answer to this... is it the same
as in "tetrapods"???

	Particularly, it is known that some of the more primitive fish
only have 1 or 2 ss/canals.... what is the orientation in that case ???

	Of particular interest is the orientation for birds... they have
3-ss/canals same as tetrapods.. but are they set at 45-degrees to the
coronal and sagittal planes... or are they aligned with the classic
"pitch, roll and yaw" axes of the bird ????

These questions do not involve anything new.. the answers are well known
to the literature... I simply am 70 miles from the Harvard Library and
need to know the answer....

can anybody help me....??????????????

George Hammond
prep at unix.ccsnet.com

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