Eidetic imagery and fantasy prone people/the occult

Xochi Zen x at apocalypse.org
Thu Jun 20 07:08:08 EST 1996

I'm looking for books and articles on people who have 'eidetic' imaginations...
(sorry if I've butchered the terminology here). Namely, those who can imagine
things so vividly that they're unable (in the right mood) to distinguish 
'reality'/the External World/etc. from what they're conjuring up in their
heads. I've heard that 1 to 6% of the population has this ability. 

I'm particularly interested in people who have this ability, but can still
function quite well in the world. 

I'm of the suspicion that a good many people who actively practice magic,
witchcraft, etc. have eidetic imaginations... the presence of eidetic 
imagery in these people might go a long way in explaining how they come
to have such strange beliefs and how they can seriously make the strange
claims that they do.

One thing I've noticed personally about such people is that they're often
obsessed with fantasy literature (i.e. "I've read all of Piers Anthony's
400 novels") and that many happen to be artists. 

I need this information for a bibliography of skeptical works on witchcraft,
magic, and miracles I've been working on. Any books on how people come to 
have these odd beliefs are welcome.

You can see a copy of it here:


Thanks in advance for any help. 

- Xochi

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