I hope this is O.K.

Dan Johnson danman at texas.net
Thu Jun 20 19:38:16 EST 1996

I have written a 3 page hypothesis of brain function from an 
avocationalist's point of view. 

It's been suggested that I post it at this newsgroup. This URL is all 
I was provided, and I did not see a FAQ option. If there is a 
moderator, I'd love to hear from that person. 

Never having interacted with a newsgroup, knowing nothing of IRC, 
etc., I'm not sure how to go about this. Not wanting to bomb everyone 
in the group with a 3 page document you may or may not have an 
interest in, I've decided to post the URL where the hypothesis can be 
reviewed, and from which I can be e-mailed.

That URL is http://lonestar.texas.net/~danman/

Thank You

Dan Johnson

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