Eidetic imagery and fantasy prone people/the occult

??? oszarazi at hp.cuug.ab.ca
Sat Jun 22 16:51:15 EST 1996

 >  What are these beliefs then? I'm referring to a very narrow range of 
 >  beliefs. Please let me know what your beliefs are in detail, then I might
 >  be able to tell you if I still feel that they're odd.

Interestingly, that last comment itself is "odd."  Personal _feeling_
as to whether or not something is "odd" might not be all that useful
for any purpose, except perhaps for the observer.  Or more aptly, any
oddity is, and can only be "odd" in reference to some arbitrary
personal norm.

Ultimately, the notation of it conveys no information whatsoever to
anyone, except perhaps to the noter of the oddity -- i.e.  his
notation of "oddity" helps to refine his own definition of reality
... in some sense it permits a truer localization of his own
"reality".  A refinement of his own hallucination.

But interestingly enough (or oddly enough as the case may be)
*consciousness* doesn't belong on this newsgroup.

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