Tissue embedding/sectioning

Stephen Black sblack at HERA.UBISHOPS.CA
Sun Jun 23 08:41:16 EST 1996

On 22 Jun 1996, Kalman Rubinson wrote:

> meeks joshua james (j-meeks at students.uiuc.edu) wrote:
> : Is it possible to parrifin embed tissue and still do frozen sections? 
> : What kind of fix would you suggest?
> 1. If you freeze paraffin, it gets very brittle.
> 2. Why would you want to?  Paraffin embedding followed by frozen
> sectioning?  One could do frozen sections first,
> for histochemistry that would not work after dehydration and paraffin
> embedding, followed by re-embedding in paraffin for re-sectioning.  I
> still don't see why.
> Kal

As a graduate student many years ago in a former life, I had occasion to
to slice rabbit brains, and I found their large size difficult to handle
for transfer to slides. I solved the problem by first embedding the brains
in gelatin and then doing frozen sectioning. There's probably a recipe
somewhere for doing this, but it's not difficult to make one up on your


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