Brain cancer: boron neutron-capture?

Ted Benson reb at
Mon Jun 24 09:58:30 EST 1996


A friend of a friend has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. I
have heard of something call boron-neutron-capture therapy, wherein the
subject is given boron, which preferentially accumulates in the cancer,
and is then bombarded with neutrons, which makes the boron radioactive,
this (in theory) killing the tumor. This was attempted in the 50's, with
less than convincing results, shelved, and recently revived.

Does anyone out there have any information, esp. contacts, of researchers
involved in this/ people who are undergoing it? As you all know, time is
of the essence here, so PLEASE, if you have any info, send it directly to
me at the email address below. Clinical trials can be better than
certain death.

Thanks in advance for your time & trouble.


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