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                Third International Conference on
              Neural Networks and their Applications

              IUSPIM, University of Aix-Marseille III,
            Marseilles, France,    March 12-13-14, 1997

A forum for real world applications of artificial neural networks.

A unique opportunity to share know-how and expertise between research and
Understanding why, how and when artificial neural networks are worth using.
Understanding the structure of multidimensional data.
What is the basic knowledge for artificial neural networks applications.
How to compare  neural networks and statistical tools and how to combine
 them for difficult problems.

All the kinds of questions that will be addressed in the NEURAP'97 forum.

1997's main topic

Data Analysis with artificial neural networks

      Remote sensing
      Time series
      Data mining
      Multisensor fusion
      Sensor data analysis
      ANN and statistical data analysis

Other topics

Applications, or methods, technics,
tools that help to understand or develop neural networks applications

      Fault tolerance
      Hybrid systems (GA, fuzzy, symbolic representation, etc.)
      Knowledge acquisition
      Methods or tools for evaluating ANN performance
      Pretreatement of the data
      Process control
      Simulation tools (research, education, development)
      Speech or image recognition
      etc. ...

Conference Committee

General Chair:      Claude Touzet & Norbert Giambiasi,
                    DIAM-IUSPIM  (France)

Program Chairs:     Jacob Barhen, CESAR - Oak Ridge
                        National  Laboratory, TN, USA
                    Jeanny Herault, LTIRF-INPG-ENSER
                        de Grenoble, France
                    Karl Goser, LBE -  Universitat Dortmund,

Organisation Chair: Jean-Claude Bertrand, IUSPIM (France)


To ensure a lively conference, all papers will be presented in plenary
session (short presentations) and also through posters. However, to
garantee the high quality of the presented works, the selection is based on
full paper proposals. Depending on the maturity of the work presented,
there will be short papers for on-going research of 4 pages long, and long
papers for mature research results, up to 8 pages. All papers will be
printed in full in the proceedings and must be in English.

Deadlines and requirements

Submissions are full length paper, not exceeding either four or eight A4 pages,
double columns, 10-point font size. Please send 4 copies to the conference

Submission:        December 16, 1996
Notification:      February 3, 1997
Camera-Ready:      February 20, 1997
NEURAP'97:         March 12-13-14, 1997

Secretariat & information

University of Aix-Marseille III,
13397 Marseille Cedex 20, France

Tel.:    ++ 33 91 05 60 60
Fax:     ++ 33 91 05 60 33
Email:   Claude.Touzet at

Registration fees (indicative)

Registration before February 3, 1997:
   1500 FF including three lunches (March 12, 13 & 14)
   1100 FF without any lunch

Registration after February 3, 1997:
   1800 FF including three lunches (March 12, 13 & 14)
   1400 FF without any lunch

International Program Committee

Jacob Bahren         CESAR (Oak Ridge, USA) - President
Karl Goser           Universitat Dortmund (D) - President
Jeanny Herault       INPG (Grenoble, F) - President

Frederic Alexandre   CRIN-INRIA (Nancy, F)
Gaston Baudat        Sodeco (Geneve, CH)
Jean-Marie Bernassau Sanofi Recherche (Montpellier, F)
Pierre Bessiere      IMAG/LIFIA (Grenoble, F)
Jean Bigeon          INPG (Grenoble, F)
Giacomo Bisio        Universita di Genova (I)
Francois Blayo       SAMOS (Paris, F)
Jean Bourjault       Universite de Besancon (F)
Paul Bourret         Onera-Cert (Toulouse, F)
Joan Cabestany       UPC (Barcelone, E)
Mauricio Cirrincione Universita di Palerme (I)
Ian Cloete           University of Stellenbosch (SA)
Philippe Coiffet     CRIIF (Gif sur Yvette, F)
Daniel Collobert     CNET (lannion, F)
Marie Cottrell       Universite Paris I (F)
Alexandru Cristea    Institut of Virology (Bucharest, Romania)
Dante Del Corso      Politecnico di Torino (I)
Pierre Demartines    ICSI (Berkeley, USA)
Marc Duranton        LEP (Limeil-Brevannes, F)
Kunihiko Fukushima   Osaka University (J)
Josef Goppert        University of Tubingen (D)
Mirta Gordon         CEA (Grenoble, F)
Marco Gori           Universita di Firenze (I)
Erwin Grosspietsch   GMD (Sankt Augustin, D)
Anne Guerin-Dugue    INPG/LTIRF (Grenoble, F)
John Hallam          Dpt of Artificial Intelligence (Edinburgh, GB)
Martin Hasler        EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
Jaap Hoekstra        Delft University of Technology (NL)
Masumi Ishikawa      Kyushu Institute of Technology (J)
Christian Jutten     INPG (Grenoble, F)
Juha Karhunen        Helsinki University of Technology (FIN)
Heinrich Klar        Technische Universitat Berlin (D)
Jean-Francois Lavignon DRET (Arcueil, F)
John Lazzaro         Univ. of California (Berkeley, USA)
Vincent Lorquet      ITMI (Grenoble, F)
Ruy Milidiu          University of Rio (Brasil)
Fabien Moutarde      Alcatel Alsthom Recherche (F)
Alan F. Murray       University of Edinburgh (GB)
Akira Namatame       National Defence Academy (J)
Josef A. Nossek      Technische Univ. Munchen (D)
Erkki Oja            Lappeenranta Univ. of Tech. (SF)
Stanislaw Osowski    University of Warsaw (Poland)
Alberto Prieto       Universidad de Granada (E)
Pierre Puget         CEA (Grenoble, F)
Ulrich Ramacher      Technische Universitat Dresden (D)
Leornardo Reynieri   Universita di Torino (I)
Tamas Roska          MTA-SZTAKI (Budapest, H)
Juan Miguel Santos   University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Noel Sharkey         University of Sheffield (GB)
Leslie S. Smith      University of Stirling (GB)
John T. Taylor       University College London (GB)
Carme Torras         Institut de Cibernetica/CSIC (E)
Claude Touzet        DIAM/IUSPIM (Marseille, F)
Michel Verleysen     UCL (Louvain-La-Neuve, B)
Eric Vittoz          CSEM (Neuchatel, CH)
Alexandre Wallyn     CGInn (Boulogne-Billancourt, F)

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