cell capacitance

Robert_Caudle at nih.gov Robert_Caudle at nih.gov
Tue Jun 25 13:23:50 EST 1996

It is extremely dificult to get an accurate measure of membrane
capacitance in a slice by electrophysiological means. The dendritic
arbor tends to be several length constants long, thus most of the
measured capacitance is simply the charging of the dendritic volume
rather than the membrane.

R. Caudle

Alexander Reiprich <Alexander.Reiprich at uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:

>hello out there,

>has anybody tried to determine the cell capacitance of neocortical or 
>hippocampal cells in slice preparations in order to make estimates about 
>the membrane area?
>I would be interested in the magnitude of these values. In addition I 
>would appreciate any comment on the determination of membrane area by 
>integrating capacity transients. How reliable is this method in contrast 
>to light microscopy measurements of the cell surface?

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