Fred K. Lenherr lenherr at
Wed Jun 26 05:20:33 EST 1996

G K GRAY wrote:

> >But interestingly enough (or oddly enough as the case may be)
> >*consciousness* doesn't belong on this newsgroup.
> Why should consciousness *not*  belong to this newsgroup? After
> all, it is being studied piecemeal by neuroscientists in
> collaboration with experimental psychologists, physicists &c.
> Gord

I imagine many molecular neurobiologists don't realize that
rigorous experiments on consciousness are now being done,
using single unit recording, fMRI, and other believable techniques.

I have in fact set up a web site to gather references to,
and comments on such experiments. There's not much there yet,
but check it in a week or so.

The Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

has a huge bibliography of articles, anthologies, and monographs.

My prototype page is at

  -- Fred

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