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>here's a question: 
>if I were to watch someone's brain using PET imagining , or some form of
>imaging, and that person was to (eg) move their arms, I guess part of the
>brain would 'light up' when they did this. if they then thought about
>moving their arms, but did not actually move them, would this same area
>light up, or is thinking and imagining completely separate from the actual
>doing ??

This is part of a more general question about what are in fact
associated neural activities. Take for example silent and spoken
        In both cases we could say that Broca's area lights up,
but in the second case there would be efferent areas more directly
associated with actually producing speech which would be
emphasised. This association often ends in people "talking to
themselves". I worked under a lab chief who used to do this when
he was working on a particularly knotty problem.


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