Camp for cardiac kids, please read everyone!

Mark E. mgjoyce at
Wed Jun 26 19:34:39 EST 1996


	I am posting this to ask for support for Camp Del Corazon, a 
summer camp for children with heart disease or a history of heart 
disease. This program has been developed by the UCLA Division of 
Pediatric Cardiology in association with Catalina Island Camps Inc., 
and is modeled after similar programs for children with heart disease 
available on the east coast.
	Camp Del Corazon is a residential summer camp designed for 
children with heart disease. Because of complicated medicine schedules,
limited exercise capacity or risk of arrhythmia, many children who 
suffer from heart ailments are unable to participate in ordinary 
residential summer camps. 
	There are two equally important goals of this program; The first 
is to allow children who require special attention because of a heart 
ailment, to participate in a residential summer camp. The second goal 
is to expose children with heart disease to peers with similar 
experiences and concerns. We therefore consider any child with heart 
disease or a history of heart disease eligible to participate in the 
program whether or not they have any special needs.
	The initial camp session took place over Labor Day weekend, Sept.

24, 1995, 49 children with heart disease were able to spend three days 
kayaking, swimming, hiking and enjoying summer camp. For most of these 
children it was the first time they had been able to attend a camp, and
for all of the campers it was their first experience with a group of 
peers". The second session is also scheduled over Labor Day weekend, 
but will be expanded to five days: August 29 - Sept. 2, 1996. The camp 
is a fully accredited residential camp, located on Catalina Island, off
the coast of Southern California. Available activities include a 
variety of field court and water sports as well as arts and crafts, 
karaoke, hiking and nature activities. In addition to the usual camp 
staff and instructors, physicians and nurses from UCLA will be present 
to administer medications and provide medical care if needed.
        The camp facilities and staff are going to be provided by 
Catalina Island Camps Inc., leaving only the cost of transportation 
meals and incidental administrative costs uncovered Because we would 
like to make this program available to all children with heart disease,
free from financial burdens, we are asking for support from individuals
or companies involved in providing medical and from anyone else who may
be willing to contribute. Tax deductible contributions can be made and 
a tax ID# and receipt will be provided by return mail. Thanks in 
advance for your support, if you have any questions. Please feel free 
to contact one of us at the phone numbers below or via email. Please
email or call only as i cannot check all of the newsgroups by myself!
    Also, if you know anyone who fits the criteria and would like to 
attend this camp, please contact any one of us.


Mark Englert
Past counselor and adult congenital heart patient.
mgjoyce at

Lisa Endler RN.				
Pediatric Electrophysiology Nurse, UCLA 
(310) 206-9110				

Kevin M. Shannon M.D.
Assistant Professor. Pediatric Cardiology, UCLA 
(310) 794-7825

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