EEG Data samples available ?

iehl at iehl at
Thu Jun 27 17:52:57 EST 1996

I'm an engineer working on computer music, looking for applications of EEG :
Does anybody know here if it would be possible to find in some medical database
(free if possible) some minutes of EEG-Data (during sleep for example), sampled
in an ascii format or anything else : I just would like to test if the transitions
between alpha , beta and theta regimes can be directly heard (after transposition)
  as a (musically)  expressive pattern. So I need several minutes of data to process,
because I don't have any EEG-recording system yet. Eventually I would even be interested
in discussing with any person working in the medical domain, wich could be interested
by the subject... Thanks if anybody has an idea, and my apologies if this message 
doesn't meet your interests.
jean-louis iehl

iehl at 
(you can directly answer to my email adress if you want)

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