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Sun Jun 30 11:53:19 EST 1996

cbrewer at (cathy brewer) wrote:

>I am very interested in knowing more about this drug. Any and all
>info appreciated.
>Thank you.

I am a physical therapist working with children with cerebral palsy
and I know this drug has been successful in treating the spasticity
int the trapezius and strenocleidomastoid muscles of the neck.

I has also worked well on the laryngeal muscles as well as the
orbicularis ori and oculi muscles.

However with muscles of the legs it does not work as well. Ito works
much better on the small muscle groups.

When it comes to the leg muscles you have to remember you are working
with more than one muscle group. There are three hanstring muscles and
two hip flexor muscles and when you praralyze these muscle groups it
will be difficult for the child to ambulate but time will tell.

If it does anything for the legs it gives an indication of how good
the results tendon transfers wil be.

I do however see this working on children who just have tight heel

Hope this helps


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