Know Thy Self: - Learn Astrology

jhm1 at jhm1 at
Sat Mar 2 18:01:09 EST 1996

Hi Folks:

For all people just starting to learn astrology.  Astrology is an art
but you need the interpretations of the planets, signs and houses
before you  can paint your picture you see in the chart.   I have three
wheels that lay one upon the other that gives three meanings of the
planets, signs and houses. They give a nine stilted interpretation of 
of these elements, that is, the planet in the sign, which gives nine
combination sentences lending to the positive or negative meanings
of the planet in the signs in the house of the chart, which depends on
how they are aspected.  I will send you these wheels and a few
pages on how to read a chart. All I ask is a donation to cover my
cost.   I send the three wheels a leave it up to  you, what ever you
want to donate.  

Give me your Place of Birth -- Date, time, AM or PM  Indicate
daylight time or standard time if you know, otherwise I will look it
up in Time Changes in the USA.  Also, since the wheel are
cardboard disc I need your postal mailing address.

I will send them to you at my own expense, donate what ever you
can so I can send to others.


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