fluorescein anterograde tracer

Udin, Susan SUdin at ubmedb.buffalo.edu
Mon Mar 4 12:04:35 EST 1996

I`ve heard of a fluorescent tracer, that is transported both 
anterogradely and retrogradely, that fluoresces in the wavelength of 
fluorescein. Perhaps it is a dextran-conjugated fluorescein compound, 
but I am not sure. 

Has anyone heard of this?

Do you know who sells it, and the catalog number?
I would appreciate any people who have tried this contacting me. 

I've had a hard time trying to make fluororuby transport anterogradely, 
and any information on reliable anterograde fluorescent tracers is 
wellcome. Perhaps there is some trick to using them that I don't know 


Marcello Rosa
I've had good results with 3000 MW rhodamine-dextran.  We buy it from 
Molecular Probes.  Here's a reference that may be useful:
Fritzsch, B., Fast axonal diffusion of 3000 molecular weight dextran 
amines. J Neurosci Methods, 1993. 50(1): 95-103.

Good luck

Susan Udin
State University of New York at Buffalo
sudin at ubmedb.buffalo.edu

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