Interneural Radio Communication

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On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, headwave wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, Ron Blue wrote:
> > On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, headwave wrote:
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> > >	I, for one, do not see anything precluding the
> > > existence of interneural radio communication.
> > Do some basic reading on HOW radio waves are made.
> > > We may be "bumping" into each other with invisible beacons
> > > of electromagnetic energy.
> > granted that cells are sensitive to modulations of electrical fields.
> > so I would agree in principle that nerve cells could receive information
> > using this procedure.  However, the problem is the production of such
> > energy.
> > Ron Blue
> 	Radio waves are produced in many different ways. The way
> we usually produce them, with electronic oscillators, antennae, etc.,
> is only one way. In physics, radio is not fundamentally different
> from light. Both are electromagnetic waves. The difference resides
> primarily in the length of the wave. Radio wavelength emissions
> occur naturally from many sources.
> An electromagnetic wave is
> emitted whenever a charged particle is accelerated. In fact, every
> object with a temperature above absolute zero emits electromagnetic
> radiation including radio waves.
> Another source of radio waves are
> excited atoms and molecules. The precursor to the laser was a
> device called the MASER. MASER is an acronym for "Microwave
> Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation". Ammonia
> molecules in a higher than normal energy state (the molecules were
> turned inside out) reverted to their normal stated, emitting
> microwave radiation, when stimulated by energy of the same
> wavelength as that emitted. The laser works the same way, only
> with light. All molecules have microwave spectra.
> 	With regard to brain cells, a similar phenomenon might
> be utilized. Molecules, perhaps membrane proteins?, may be physically
> altered to a higher energy state. The reversion of these molecules
> to their normal state may cooincide with the emission of a wave.
If one proposes a new theory one is obligated to understand the zeitgeist
of the other observers and state the model or information in such a way
that they will at least listen to your proposal.

Now that you have stated the above I can understand your logic better.
In the microtubulin there are chemicals called dimmers that modulate
in a hand over hand fashion to electical fields.  These dimmers are
thought to be related to quantum effects and allow quantum coherence to
form for about 30 milliseconds leading to consciousness.

Since your model is at least closer to conventional physics the idea that
dimmers may emitt and receive radio energy is acknowledge as a possibility.
How does your model handle radio noise, radio signal gain, and etc.

If you are  correct a unique frequency would be associated to the dimmers.
The microwave spectra would likely to be over at least two frequencies.

The problem is that repeatable ESP experiments have not been discovered
and observed by other investigators.  So your first task is to isolate
two individuals from ALL radio energies that may interfer with ESP
transfer of information.  Check to see if ESP is observed.  
IF it is then you can look for the frequecies.  Strengthen the signals
so that even weak ESP people will have the experience.  
Nothing succeeds like success and personal experience.

> Conversely, the stimulation of excited molecules may cause stimulated
> emission and the reversion of the molecule to the normal state.
> This change in the molecular architecture may cause a neuron to
> fire.
a possibility
> 	This is only one of many possibilities. The mechanism may
> be predominantly electrical, or chemical, or physical, or it
> may be a combination. I merely use this example to illustrate
> that it is quite possible for nerve cells to generate radio
> waves.
The nerve cell idea is difficult to agree with.  Assuming my above statements
are true, radio wave may be created by dimers which are being effected
by nerve cell discharge.  As long as you insist that nerve cell generate
radio waves you will find it difficult to impossible to get most people to
> I have even heard talk of free electrons in microtubules
> and the existence of particles of magnetite found in neurons
> at San Diego State.
true, magnetite will modulate to electromagnetic fields and could
be used to cause a nerve cell to fire.  The power required to
do this is high.  Remember the power of electomagnetic field declines
as a inverse square of the distance.  This means that my telephone
would normally be more powerful than any radio waves coming out of
a brain.  Ron Blue
> 	The question is not so much whether it can happen as
> "Is it happening?"
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