Interneural Radio Communication

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Tue Mar 5 16:14:12 EST 1996

rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU (Ron Blue) writes:

> Rats for example can sense radiation and will try to
> avoid it.  This does not mean that they produce radiation.

Pardon me for wandering oPardon me for wandering off thread, but this deserves

If I remember correctly the experimental paradigm was that each rat had a two
room cage, in which one room contained a radiation source.  The animals
preferentially spent time in the compartment without the radiation source, even
when the food was placed in the 'contaminated' room.

I think they found that the animals had a histamine response when exposed to
radiation, perhaps a low-grade version of the skin erythemia (reddening) that
used to be used as a standard for radiation dosimetry.  Many of us know that
histamine response in humans mean you don't feel very well.

My point is that it's not quite correct to say they can "sense" radiation.  

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