Interneural Radio Communication

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Tue Mar 5 07:00:52 EST 1996

rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU (Ron Blue) wrote:
>On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, headwave wrote:
>> 	Consider that some cells evolved with the capacity to
>> communicate via emitted waves. This has already been observed,
>> technically, in the case of the fire-fly and similar organisms
>> with organs that emit electromagnetic energy, visible light,
>> which is detected by organs sensitive to it.
>> 	Could nerve cells have developed a similar ability?
>yes, a possibility.
>> Could nerve cells, instead of emitting visible energy, emit
>> far-infrared, or microwaves, or radio waves?
>This is a physic question.  Physically, I believe the answer would be no.
>> Could nerve cells
>> respond to this energy?
>yes.  I believe it would easier to respond to the above energies than
>to produce them.  Rats for example can sense radiation and will try to
>avoid it.  This does not mean that they produce radiation.
>> A general rule that I have, in this
>> case applied to nature, is that if something can happen, it
>> will.
>there is merit to this statement.
>>	I, for one, do not see anything precluding the
>> existence of interneural radio communication.
>Do some basic reading on HOW radio waves are made.
>> 	Radio cells? Not proven but not impossible, I think.
>> We may be "bumping" into each other with invisible beacons
>> of electromagnetic energy.
>granted that cells are sensitive to modulations of electrical fields.
>so I would agree in principle that nerve cells could receive information
>using this procedure.  However, the problem is the production of such
>Nature usually builds on the sucess of the past.  Since the production
>has to come first no cells would have specialized in receiving radio
>messages.  There is no reason to produce or process information in
>the radio range.
>Ron Blue
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Not to discourage your quite interesting discussion but electromagnetical
communication between nervecells are highly unlikely, due to the way the brain
operates. I'm no neurobiologist, so I can't speak on nerve cells ability to
emit radiation, but the brain is a highly parallel processor and can only
process signals at a high speed if they are in a parallel form. Hence
electromagnetic radiation would be out of the question since it is only a
serial form of information unless it is focussed in some way like the human
eye. To set up a biological focussed transmission, would be like creating a
biological projector TV. Granted it would be an impressive ability, but
unfortunately not likely..

		Dan Frederiksen

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