Society for Neuroscience - DC 96

Russell A. Gazzara rgazzara at
Thu Mar 7 11:41:37 EST 1996

Centexchic wrote:
> If you have any hints about good places to stay other than those listed in
> the program, please let me know.   We (a group of grad students) are
> looking for a real "deal" - a place that is nice, convenient and not
> horrendously expensive (i.e. <$150.00).   Any leads are greatly
> appreciated!

Try the Harrington Hotel (I think that's the name).  It's on F Street and 
12th (somewhere around there).  It's convenient to the Convention Center (a 
few blocks away) and relatively inexpensive.  Al least it was when I stayed 
there at the meeting in '93.


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