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You might be interested to know at the World Environmental Conference at 
the end of November Dr. Clarice Gaylord of the EPA announced an epidemic 
of MS and lupus.  I explained to Dr. Gaylord that I was there to lecture 
on that very subject.  She said they did not know the toxin causing it 
and I said it was aspartame marketed as NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful and no 
telling what since the patent has expired.  And that it wasn't MS abut in 
reality methanol toxicity from aspartame that mimicks MS.  And yes, lupus 
is just rampant from aspartame.

You may think this is a sweetener.  What it is a sweet poison.  You're 
talking about a product that is made of methanol (wood alcohol) that 
converts to formaldehyde and formic acid, and two neurotoxic amino acids, 
phenylalanine and aspartic acid, because they are isolated from the other 
amino acids in protein.  They go past the blood brain barrier and 
deteriorate the neurons of the brain and even is escalating Alzheimers. 
Dr. H. J. Roberts, world expert, on the subject has even written a new 
book called DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMERS (1 800 -814-9800)  You can also 
get tapes on aspartame at that number.

Also neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock has written EXCITOTOXINS; THE 
TASTE THAT KILLS (1 800 -643-2665).  

As to seizures, they are epidemic because of aspartame.  The 
phenylalanine in aspartame breaks down the seizure threshold of the brain 
and depletes serotonin.  

I attended the Conference of the American College ofPhysicians with Dr. 
Roberts last year and in Neurology the professor said: "Somebody please 
tell us where all these seizures are coming from!"

If you friend is on aspartame they should stop as soon as you get off the 
poison.  Remember you're dealing with a product that is made of a severe 
metabolic poison, methanol, and neurotoxic amino acids made of petro 
chemicals.  It is not a diet product nor a food additive.  The 
Congressional Record says it makes you crave carbohydrates so you get fat.

You can read the report of the World Environmental Conference on our 
auto-responder.  Simply put sendme help in the subject line like this for 
a directory.

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When you get a directory simply put sendme again in th subject line and
whatever file you want to access exactly as typed in the lefthand side of 
the directory.  Example:  sendme diabetes-aspartame

I would like to hear back and know if she gets off aspartame and the rest 
of her case history.

You can also check out this web site for more information:

I'll forward you a post I just did on a report by Dr. Morgan Raiford.  He 
was the specialist in methanol toxicity in the US and diagosed many of 
the patients who went blind on aspartame.  Unfortunately he died about a 
year ago and we don't know where to send these patients now.  Aspartame 
is now in 7000 products and seizures, lupus, MS, Alzheimers, chronic 
fatigue, Parkinson's and many of the neurological symptoms reported by 
the FDA and neurologicals diseases are epidemic.  The FDA in August 
listed 92 documented symptoms from coma to death, under the post on our 
responder titled "devastations".


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On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Tamera Blood wrote:

> Hello, I have been following this newsgroup as a future neuroscience 
> student.  However now I have a question relating to a very close friend 
> who has Lupus.  She recently had what she describes as a seizure.  While 
> remaining completely aware, she was unable to move any limbs.  She 
> reports feeling frozen.  Others present report it lasted 2-3 minutes 
> before she moved.  She just froze in the middle of an activity.  
> Afterwards she was very tired, and slept through the next day.  Normally 
> sleep is hard to come by due to the extreme pain of the lupus.  I work 
> with head trauma victims, and this sounds to me like a seizure.  Her 
> doctor won't see her for 3 more weeks, even when this was reported.  (The 
> joys of HMO's)  
> What types of neurlogical problems are associated with Lupus, and how 
> could this event be related?  I was concerened about the possibility of 
> stroke, but the sleeping afterwards seems more like a seizure to me.
> Thank-you for any help.
> Tamera

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