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>         I am a psychology major in search of a summer internship  
> opportunity, paid or unpaid, hopefully somewhere in the eastern U.S.   
> Current interests include long-term potentiation and more  
> importantly, visual processes.  I am open to just about anything  
> right now, but studies with vision and related processes are of  
> special interest.  
>         I'd appreciate any help-- direction, clues, offers, etc.  Thanks!
> Maggie Bruner

Hi Maggie!
I am an undergraduate student at Wesleyan University in Middletown,
Connecticut.  I, too, am looking for an internship for this summer.  I am
applying to many places, but the one I am working on right now includes a
description of a researcher who could hire an undergrad, and she works in
the neuropsychology of high-level vision, and I thought of you.  Good
:), Sarah Schlegel
sschlegel at


    NPC (Neural Processes in Cognition) Undergraduate Summer Program

The Neural Processes in Cognition Training Program at the University of
Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University has several positions available
for undergraduates interested in studying cognitive or computational
neuroscience.  These are growing interdisciplinary areas of study (see
Science, 1993, v. 261, pp. 1805-7) that interpret cognitive functions in
terms of neuroanatomical and neurophysiological data and computer
simulations.  Undergraduate students participating in the summer program
will have the opportunity to spend ten weeks of intensive involvement in
laboratory research supervised by one of the program's faculty.  The summer
program also includes weekly journal clubs and a series of informal

Students selected for the program will receive a $2500 stipend.  The
program is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and by
the joint CMU/University of Pittsburgh Center for the Neural Basis of
Cognition.  Each student's research program will be determined in
consultation with the training program's Director.  Potential laboratory
environments include single unit recording, neuroanatomy, computer
simulation of biological and cognitive effects, robot control,
neuropsychological assessment, behavioral assessment, and brain imaging.

How to Apply to the NPC Undergraduate Summer Program:

Applications are encouraged from highly motivated undergraduate students
with interests in biology, psychology, engineering, physics, mathematics or
computer science.  Application deadline is March 15, 1996.  To apply,
request application materials by email at neurocog at, phone
412-624-8193, or write to the address below.  The materials include a
listing of faculty research areas to consider.  Applicants are asked to
supply a statement of their research interests, a recent school transcript,
one faculty letter of recommendation, and a selection of one or two
research areas which they would like to explore.  Applicants are strongly
encouraged to identify a particular faculty member with whom they want to

 ***The application should include:
1) a statement of interest
2) a recent school transcript
3) one faculty letter of recommendation (form provided)
4) a selection of one or two areas of research interests. 
5) contact informatin (email, surface mail, phone and fax)

You do not need to use the general form which you may have received unless 
you find it convenient to do so (simply ignore the areas which
do not pertain to undergraduates).  The only form that you must use is the
Recommedation form.  You do not need to include an application fee.  Lastly
the deadline on the recommendation form does not apply to summer students.

Send requests and application materials to:

Professor Walter Schneider, Program Director 
   University of Pittsburgh
   Neural Processes in Cognition Program
   3939 O'Hara Street 
   Pittsburgh, PA 15260
   Email: neurocog at

While foreign students are welcome, please be aware that the travel expenses
to and from Pittsburgh are not paid by the program.

Below is a list of faculty members who will accepting Summer Students to
work in their labs. Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify a
particular faculty member of interest. 

G. Bard Ermentrout 
        Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh 
        Biological oscillation and math modeling 

Robert J. Sclabassi 
        Professor, Departments of Behavioral Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, and
Electrical      Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Computational

Marlene Behrmann 
        Assistant Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Carnegie Mellon
        The neuropsychology of high-level vision 

David S. Touretzky 
        Senior Research Computer Scientist, School of Computer Science,
Carnegie Mellon University 
        Neural network models 

David A. Lewis 
        Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience,
University of Pittsburgh 
        Functional architecture of primate neocortex 

German Barrionuevo 
        Associate Professor of Behavior Neuroscience and Psychiatry, University
of Pittsburgh 
        Long-term regulation of glutamate responses 

Walter Schneider (Tentative) 
        Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh 
        Neural Networks and brain imaging in cognitive and sensory processing 

Note: the Neural Processes in Cognition program also offers pre- and
post-doctoral training.  To find out more about the program or the Center
for the Neural Basis of Cognition, visit our web sites:

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