Glutamate and dopamine

Jtho jtho at
Thu Mar 7 00:33:14 EST 1996

DW Choi at Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA does quite a bit of work
on glutamate, excitotoxcity, and I believe, also apoptosis.  Just do a search
on medline and you should be able to find a lot of information on it.  That's
what I've been doing.

- Joe

Jai-Sung Noh MD (ausmpsy at wrote:
: Hi..
: Now I planning to involve study about glutamat and apoptosis.
: Is there any body who know about effect of dopamine to 
: glutamate induced cell death in rat or mice cortical neuron culture.
: I wnat some advice or references about this issue.
: Thank you
: Jai-Sung Noh MD
: Dept. of Psychaitry
: Ajou Univ. School of Medicine Suwon South Korea
: Email:ausmpsy at

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