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> Hello,
>        I'm a student living in room with my room mate. I have a  
> Personal problem that makes me very same  and really I'm worried
> about it. The problem is that during sleeping I started SNORING,
> and probably it makes very LOUD and disturbed to others. Please help
> me with suggestions what I have to do. Is this a PHYSIOLOGICAL
> problem ? or anything else.Thanks in advance for your help.
> Please send me all reply  directly to my e-mail number.
> best regards,
> H.Jameel

	My Dad used to snore so loud every night that it could keep me up for
hours, literally.  At first I did just use earplugs, but for you it could be
very expensive to purchase earplugs for the entire household.  In stores
everywhere there are nasal strips called "Breathe Right". They helped Dad's
snoring to lessen in intensity, but he never fully quit.  Although others that
I've talked to say that if it isn't too bad, it will quit altogether.  Make sure
that you have your mouth shut when you sleep too.  I swear that if he could
learn to shut his mouth through the night he wouldn't snore at all with those
nasal strips on.                                      Good luck!!!

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