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Thu Mar 7 16:48:09 EST 1996

  To whom it may concern, 
 Hello my name is Bohdanya but Everyone calls me Bohdy. I am in the 8th
grade and just turned 14. I go to school in Mendocino which is located on
the north coast of California about 170 miles north of San Francisco, but
I live in a small country town about 15 miles south of Mendocino it is
called Albion. 
   For my 8th grade I search for science project I am doing :What are the
affects of of marijuana on the human body. I chose this topic because we
had the freedom to pick whatever we want and this topic really interests
me plus this is a topic that we don¹t get much of a chance to study in
school. My teacher has approved my researching this question.
   I already know a little bit about marijuana here are a few things that
I know about my topic 
   #1. It is an illegal substance
   #2. It is a plant 
   #3. It is usually smoked 
   #4. some of the street names are Pot, Reefer, Thai stick,
and                                                     MarieJane.
   #5. It is sometimes used for medical conditions.
   #6. I know there are chimicals which cause effectsin it?

   Here are some questions I have about my topic,
   #1. is it a stimulant or a depressant?
   #2. Is it illegal to use for medical patients?
   #3. What does THC stand for?   
   #4. What are some affects of marijuana on the human body?
   #5. What other chemicals are in it and what are their affects? 

   In the Mendocino school district one of the few things we have is full
internet access. If you know of any good web sites where I could find any
information on the effects of marijuana on the human body I would be very
grateful for the information. 
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please write back at search at
         Bohdanya Passyka


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