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Fri Mar 8 08:43:46 EST 1996

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>       I'm a student living in room with my room mate. I have a  
>Personal problem that makes me very same  and really I'm worried
>about it. The problem is that during sleeping I started SNORING,
>and probably it makes very LOUD and disturbed to others. Please help
>me with suggestions what I have to do. Is this a PHYSIOLOGICAL
>problem ? or anything else.

Snoring usually has a physical cause, often it's secondary to sleep 
apnea. Causes of apnea can be obstruction of the airway (too much loose 
tissue in the thoat) or central (the brain doesn't maintain proper breathing 
when you are asleep). Consult with a ear-nose-throat (Otorhinolaryngology) 
physician or a neurologist who specializes in snoring or sleep disorders. If 
you can't find one, check the nearest large University hosptial near you.

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