Layna layna at gate.net
Fri Mar 8 21:49:46 EST 1996

babymash (babymash at mistfish.manawatu.gen.nz) wrote:
: I am wanting to contact recearchers in the field of
: Psychiatric drug adverse effects i.e
: akathisia,depressive,paradoxical reactions etc,with
: Phenothiazines,especially Fluphenazine.
: Please contact me,I have some questions about an unusual adverse
: reaction.Very Important.

I'm no researcher, but I once had an absolutely terrifying reaction to a
Phenothiazine, which included convulsions, inability to speak, and my
spine & neck bending backwards into a semi-circle.  Years later, a doctor
told me that the reaction is similar to the effect of arsenic poisoning. 

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