Pee Shyness = Neurology ??

MJMerrick mjmerrick at
Sat Mar 9 12:42:42 EST 1996

I have a terrible problem with pee shyness, and was wondering if there is
a neurological cause for it (rather than just a psycological cause) and
whether there is any approaches to curing it from a neurological vantage.

I am 30 y.o. male and have had the problem since my teens.  I am currently
seeing a psycologist and have been working on de-sensitization for several
months, but without much success.

Could it be that one's nervous system is so sensitive that it would be
extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get over this.  Or is it all in
the head, as my shrink seems to think?

Does the field of neuroscience have a treatment for this, such as with

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