electromagnetics, brain waves and consciousness

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	A paper entitled Consciousness, Causality and the Faraday Law will
be presented at the Toward a Science of Consciousness 1996 (Tucson II)
conference to be held at Tucson, Arizona, April 8-13, 1996. The paper will
present a new perspective and application of electromagnetic theory.
According to this paper, the macrocopic electric and magnetic fields of
electrophysiology, which to-date have been analyzed using only the static
theory, also can be explained using the time-dependent theory. The paper
will be available on the net after the conference:

ABSTRACT. When the Faraday law in electromagnetic field theory is
understood to specify an invariant cause and effect relationship between
its dB/dt (time changing magnetic field) and curl E (induced electric
field) terms, the Maxwell equations provide a causally inconsistent
account of the abstract system composed of an ideal inductor driven by an
ideal battery. The causal relationship between dB/dt and curl E in this
simple system is shown to be consistent only after a term is included in
Faraday’s law for magnetic current, which specifies an electrostatic
source of curl. This analysis establishes a conceptual model of
electromagnetic induction that can be applied to high-level
bioelectromagnetic phenomena. In an ideal inductor model of the cerebral
cortex, Faraday’s law governs a psychobiomagnetic dynamo that determines
the spatiotemporal dynamics of EEG and MEG fields. The model suggests that
what we consciously experience are brain electromagnetic waves. Viewed
from a philosophical perspective, the model suggests that the
electromagnetic force in biology may be causal at every level of
biological organization. The epistemology of this viewpoint is that a
completely logical understanding of electromagnetic induction may open the
door to a general knowledge of the diverse causes and effects which
characterize the living state of biological matter.

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