Lesch-Nyhan question

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Sat Mar 9 22:44:06 EST 1996

First of all, I am having a glitch. Could you forward my comments on to 
the writer of this thread.

Very briefly, the combo of a dopamine (DA) and a serotonin (5-HT) agonist 
stops OCD in their tracks.  

The L-N patient has all the characteristics of very low 5-HT, 
self-mutilation, agressive behavior and impulsivity associated with low 
DA (decreased cognitive skills and despair.

An Italian family is interested in starting what I have called 
the FEN/PHEN protocol. Are you interested in more 

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>> From what I've read, the neural basis for the self-mutilation
>> in Lesch-Nyan is not at all understood.  However, you might
>> want to check medline for current theories.
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P.S. Plutarch's fire and kindling is dopamine, Freud's ID.

     Freud's superego is serotonin.


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