Arnold Chiari Malformation...subject group

Darlene Long-Thompson s_hearts at
Sun Mar 10 15:55:39 EST 1996

AN ACM list has been established for those who suffer the malformation 
and others who are interested in researching the pathogenesis, 
pathophysiology, and other aspects of this problem.  The list consists 
of pre and post operative patients, who have established a database of 
symptoms, case histories, commonalities, and possible contributing 
factors.  The various forms of the malformation and treatment options, 
as well as recent  journal articles are discussed.  Anyone interested in 
the results of this work, or in subscribing to the list can contact me 
via e-mail...darlene at
or subscribe directly
chiari-request at
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Darlene Long-Thompson, MHSc, RN

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