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Subject: Request for neurotransmitter book

I am looking for a _very good_ reference book on neurotransmitters.
I've looked at a lot of reference books in neurology etc. but most
are dealing with structure and anatomy.  What I want is the reference
that bridges the interface between neuroanatomy and function or
action of these transmitters on behavior.  So on dopamine I would
want some neuroanatomy, location and receptor density in the body and
specifically the research on how behavior is affected by changes in
receptor density etc. including personality characteristics, traits,
etc. Most of the books I've looked at, at the medical schools are
more neurology and neuroanatomy with a few good paragraphs or pages
on specific neurotransmitters.  Is there a book  completely devoted to
neurotransmitters, actions, and research? Looking for either a
"classic" or a very recent (1994 or later) good book or both.

Please e-mail me directly at the address below.


     James P. (Pat) Johnson
     jpjohn at

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