Smell and Memory

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Wed Mar 13 15:05:39 EST 1996

To whom it may concern,

   Hello! My name is Pippin Kent and I am a 8th grade student at the
Mendocino Middle School. I live 157 miles from San Francisco.I am doing a
project on memory, and how scents can bring back memorys of prior times,
places or things. The question of the project is; to what extent do
fragrances connect to memory? I would greatly appreciate if any one with
any knowledge about the memory or the nasal system, would respond to this
letter to help me along with the development of my project.We here at MMS
are putting together a list of previously written letters by subject
matter, and that we would be happy to add your correspondence to the list
*if* you give your approval. You need to tell us whether or not they wish
to incude your name and/ or return e-mail address with the letters so that
other students who are interested in the topic in the future might get in
touch with you or at least know who wrote the letter.

Things I already know:
- I know a bit about the memory consisting of three stages, sensory
memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory
-The seven primary smells are: camphoric, musky, floral, pepperminty,
ethereal, pungent, putrid

I am interested in knowing:
-How the sense of smell/taste works
-Annecdotal information, of different instances where scents related to
memories, by this I mean
- Is there anything having to do with the memory that is gender related? 
-Anything some what important or interesting for these studies
-aroma therapy
Please understand that I live in a very rural town with limited
imformation. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please write back to me at:
search at

   Thank you, Pippin Kent

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