electromagnetics/brain waves...EMF

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Thu Mar 14 09:08:52 EST 1996

On 13 Mar 1996, Phaeded wrote:
> I feel that a lot of issues are unresolved and yet the FCC is about to
> adopt an existing ANSI standard which would "regulate" all new wireless
> systems - including the new PCS (2 gigahertz frequency) systems about to
> be developed and turned on through 1997. 
> I was wondering if you had any thoughts about your theory and wireless
> communications?
> Phaeded at aol
Theorys are the door that encourage research.  Reseach findings make a
new theory.  At this time, I would be nervous about electromagnetic forces
and how they may effect the brain.  For example in my area four boys
may have murdered members of their family due harmonics created by
dual high voltage power lines near their houses.  One had a oil pipe
line next to his house that went under the two different power lines.
Any effort to put the power line underground would only INCREASE EMF
effects.  The others had the high voltage line right over their house.
The transformer on the pole next to their house was transmitting static
oscillations at 540 AM which I picked up with my car radio.  

In my opinion if biology and the right frequency match up it can create
significant effects.  The question then becomes what are the "right
frequencies" and biological characteristics.

Russian researchers reported that at 21 hertz the immune system was
suppressed in mice.  Other reports have been made on the relationship 
between EMF and behavior.  Ron Blue

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