Very old WPI stimulator (A350D) - manual / information?

David Parsons dparsons at
Thu Mar 14 13:58:44 EST 1996

I have an old WPI stimulus isolator unit - uses the 3 dry cells - 67.5, 45, and 9 
volts.  I am unable to find a manual for it, and WPI don't even have one, or any 
information on it.  MOdel 305D, Ser# 102-02F

I need to find out the triggering input parameters (I have a WPI 301-T Anapulse 
stimulator to run it.  The twist is that the input cable into the back of the 305D 
is a single BNC shielded cable. All the recent SI units use a 4-pin cable 
that should connect to the 4pin isolator drive output plug on the Anapulse. 

The SI doesn;t seem to trigger when connected into the sycnh-out or monitor-out 
BNC posts.  I don't know if it's stuffed or whether the output pulses are not 

Any help appreciated.  Email is best.  


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