electromagnetics, brain wavbes, and consciousness

jappel21 jappel at op.net
Thu Mar 14 10:48:23 EST 1996

On 9 mar 96 Fred Zaman said <.. understanding of electromagnetic 
induction may open the door to a general knowledge... of the living 
state of biologic matter>. 
	This suggestion excites me because I have long thought biologic energy 
must be electromagnetic energy. So to find someone, clearly 
knowledgeable of electrodynamics, apparently thinking along the same 
lines lends credibility to the notion. 
	The biosphere is a mechanism to use electromagnetic energy from the 
sun. Plants collect and store the energy and animals use it interacting 
with the environment to survive and reproduce.  In animals, adenosine 
tri-phosphate is reduced to adenosine bi-phosphate, releasing electrons 
which activate myofibrils to contract striped muscle. This enables the 
animals, to do things to get what they need from the environment, namely 
food [stored energy], safety, companionship.  
	So Fred, or anyone, please tell me if you agree, or where this notion 
is wrong
								J.W.Appel M.D.

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