biotic energy

peggjaco at peggjaco at
Thu Mar 14 18:14:41 EST 1996

>  	The biosphere is a mechanism to use electromagnetic energy from the 
>  sun. Plants collect and store the energy and animals use it interacting 
>  with the environment to survive and reproduce.  

  	So Fred, or anyone, please tell me if you agree, or where this notion 
>  is wrong

That the sun's rays indirectly power almost everything on earth is quite true. 

What intrigues me is that all of the body's electic fields are inducing magnetic fields, which may in turn interact with other electrical fields in our bodies or perhaps those of others. One could _speculate_  that nerve 
firings in one persons' brain could indirectly facilitate an action potential in someone elses. 

I also seem to remember an article in Time magazine about ten years ago about a swiss physician who was doing some research as to the tissue healing properties of electic fields.  Does anyone remember who this 
was, or what he was trying to find? I seem to remember him causing quite a stir, however, I think I was about fourteen and didn't have the patience to read the whole article. 


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