piracitam?/infantile spasms

Kim Martel kmartel at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 14 16:39:30 EST 1996


Is there anyone who is familiar with piracitam helping seizures? I know
it is used for children with Down's Syndrome, but there was some info
that it was being studied in England for use in controlling epilepsy.

I have a child with infantile spasms and we have tried all conventional
therapies including vigabitrin, that was the last one. We' tried keto
diet and homeopathic remedies. Nothing has worked. The drugs really
made her worse and she suffered the severe side effects of most of
them. Currently, she is off all meds and is still having seizures, but
is much better off. 

Numerous tests have been performed, and everything is normal, except
her EEG shows hypsarrhythmia. Even that has improved since removing
meds. She also still shows a normal "backround" for her age.

Please anyone, help with any suggestions. Thank you.

Kim (kmartel at ix.netcom.com)

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