electromagnetics, brain wavbes, and consc

Zamanlf zamanlf at aol.com
Thu Mar 14 23:29:50 EST 1996

Dr. Appel,

	Thank you for your inquiry concerning my paper.

	What you have suggested regarding the electromagnetic origin of
all biological energy, from plant photosynthesis and upwards through the
higher mechanisms on which the living biosphere depends, is exactly what I
believe to be true.

	Of the four fundamental forces known in physics, only the
electromagnetic force is believed to be significant in biological
processes. This is known to be true at the most fundamental level--at the
level of molecular interactions. Can evolution alter this fundamental
fact, by causing the electromagnetic force to somehow become insignificant
at macromolecular, intracellular and multicellular levels of biological
organization? Reason suggests that, unless some other force can be found
which supercedes the electromagetic at the higher levels of biological
organization, the electromagnetic force is causal at these levels also.

	The question that this approach to biological organization and
dynamics poses is: how can the time-changing fields of biological systems,
at any level of organization, be understood in terms of the theory of
time-changing fields? Electromagnetic theory has been routinely applied to
the static, or quasi-static fields of electrophysiology for years, but it
seldom if ever is applied to the time-changing fields produced by ongoing
biological activity.

	I believe the solution to this problem lies in a new, more logical
understanding of electromagnetic induction, one that enlarges the domain
of the electromagnetic field to encompass the time-changing electric and
magnetic fields produced by complex biomolecular and cellular processes.
The system that I discuss in this regard, in the paper Consciousness,
Causality and the Faraday Law, is the cerebral cortex--the biomolecular
system lying at the pinnacle of evolution.

Sincerely, Fred

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