painful picture?

Vaclav Pazderka pazderka at
Sun Mar 17 20:41:57 EST 1996

>For example:
> Subject: Re: Pain Inducing Patterns 
>picture at

>On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Jagan Narayanan wrote:
>> Hi Guys:
>>I also downloaded the picture and looked at it. There is nothing unique about
>> it. If you change the colors from black and white to red and blue you 
>>get the same feeling. If you do concentric circles instead of lines you 
>>will have the same feeling. What is the big deal here?? > 
>> > Shouldn't there be a control group for this experiment?  Perhaps 
>I asked 14 students if they felt pleasure while looking at the
>pain picture.  No one reported pleasure.  Two reported pain.  I said
>each time that you are are suppose to feel pleasure.  

HOLD ON - sorry, I've been off the internet for awhile now; what
picture is it we're talking about, where the heck do I get ahold of
it, and what is it that it's supposed to do, exactly??? 

				- Hannah Pazderka-Robinson

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